President’s Project

GFWC Florida is excited to join with partner Operation Smile for the 2018-2020 administration.

GFWC Florida President Sharon Oliphant has chosen “Smiles Across the Miles” as her theme for the next two years. During this time a fundraising goal of $250,000 has been set. In order to accomplish this goal, GFWC Florida clubs will be asked to assist with awareness and projects to share Operation Smile. A surgery cost of $240.00—and with that, a cleft palate or lip can be repaired with no cost to the recipient or family.

A GFWC Florida sponsored mission trip with a few lucky participants will be organized for the 2020 year.

Through this project our GFWC Florida President Project Chairman Mary Jacobs will be able to assist with any updates and roles that you as a club member can be a part of. Contact her at

Our GFWC Florida President Project Fundraising chairmen Charlyne Carruth and Anita Jenkins will be working closely with all of the District Chairmen with ideas and fundraising activities to help meet the $250,000 fundraising goal. You can contact them at or

We hope that as GFWC Florida members you will be a part of “Smiles Across the Miles” and help us reach this attainable goal for the 2018-2020 administration.