Legislation, Public Policy & Resolutions

The Legislation, Public Policy, Resolutions Committee is tasked with studying pending legislation and keeping members informed on matters of public policy.  The committee also reviews and considers new resolutions along with previously adopted resolutions for consideration and/or updates at the annual convention.  On this page you can find information related to both legislation and public policy issues as well as resolutions.

Legislative Action Center 

One of GFWC’s 7 Grand Initiatives is for 1,000 members to join the Legislative Action Center.   The Legislative Action Center is a powerful tool for GFWC’s public issues and advocacy efforts. Track bills, contact your local representative and take action on issues germane to GFWC Resolutions. Click here to visit the Legislative Action Center.

Legislation and Public Policy Resources

Legislative Resources and Links
Legislative Action Center Presentation Talking Points

GFWC Legislation- Bills of Interest

GFWC has selected two bills to track and advocate to become laws.
  • Miranda’s Law, H.R. 6518 (aims to keep unsafe school bus drivers off the road)
  • 3D Printed Gun Safety Act, H.R. 6649, S3304 (prohibit the publication of 3D plans for printing of firearms)

Information on these bills can be found at the Legislative Action Center.  GFWC asks that you contact your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators; tell them you want the bills voted out of their respective Judiciary Committees and you want them posted for a vote on the floor of the House/Senate.

Please remember the Recognize the Red Campaign and sign all correspondence to your legislators (that is outside of the Legislative Action Center) in red.   All, correspondence by mail should have the return address in red and a red check mark on the outside of the envelope.


To submit a resolution to the committee, please consult the GFWC Florida Resolution Rules and Information link below.  All resolutions must be submitted twelve weeks prior to the annual convention.  The deadline is January 10, 2019 for the convention in April.  Also below are resources for completing a youth resolution project with Juniorettes or in your community.

GFWC Florida May Mann Jennings Campaign

Our special project in Florida is to continue efforts to see May Mann Jennings inducted into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame.  This project includes completing the application process annually until successful, passing a resolution to continue the endeavor beyond this administration if necessary, and an external marketing campaign to inform the general public about Mrs. Jennings and her significant contributions to conservation in Florida.   If you missed the series of articles in Membership Monday about Mrs. Jennings, you can read them in their entirety below. 

Who is May Mann Jennings