Leadership. It’s a serious issue for many clubs. Members, even ones who have been active for many years, are reluctant to take an office or even a chairmanship. They are competent, knowledgeable, and hard-working but they always say “No”. Maybe they just don’t really understand what these positions entail. People are often more likely to accept leadership positions if they have a good idea of what is expected and know that they will be nurtured and supported along the way.

GFWC Florida LEADS is designed to identify members at the club level who have the potential and a desire to assume leadership positions in their clubs. GFWC Florida LEADS will provide participants with knowledge, capability, confidence
and commitment to work more effectively in their clubs.

The GFWC Florida LEADS seminar will be held at GFWC United Women’s Club of Lakeland. It will be a full day of activities. Sessions on time management, conflict resolution, parliamentary procedure, public speaking skills, delegating,
protocol, GFWC organizational history and other topics will be presented.

2020 LEADS Information Sheet