Junior Clubwomen

Junior clubwomen are dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service while being actively engaged in creating families, raising children, pursuing careers, pursuing higher education, and caring for aging family members.

In November 1922, the GFWC Florida Junior level of community service was adopted as a division of the Woman’s Club membership with Junior members reporting separately on their activities.

Junior clubwomen gained separate status during the 1930-1932 GFWC Florida Administration. For every District Director and CSP Chairman at the Woman’s Club level, there is a Junior level counterpart. In addition to their work in the six GFWC Community Service Program Areas and GFWC Focus Areas, the GFWC Juniors also have Juniors’ Special Project. GFWC Florida Juniors voted to create the slogan, “One Voice for Children” as their States continued emphasis on community service for the sake of children.