Jennie Award


Jennie Award Bulletin #2

Each club may submit one Jennie Award nomination for a club member who has devoted years (including teenage and college) of service to: the club, the community and her (extended) family.  The GFWC Jennie Award, the highest honor bestowed by GFWC, is the only national honor that recognizes an individual member for personal excellence.  It is awarded biennially at the international convention.

Nomination materials must be postmarked by June 1, 2019 and sent to the address listed above (not the state president as noted on the GFWC application form) for state-level judging.  A panel of non-member business and civic leaders will review all applications in July 2019.

Official GFWC Jennie Award nomination forms and award rules are available in the GFWC manual at under GFWC Awards, Contests, and Grants.  If you are unable to obtain it from the Internet, I will be happy to mail you a form.

In addition to the completed GFWC form the following items must be submitted:


  • A maximum 500 word narrative describing the nominee’s club activities, participation in community groups, and organizations, both volunteer and professional, and commitment to her nuclear or extended family
  • Photograph of the nominee (no larger than 5×7 inches)
  • Clips of two or more newspaper (or other media) stories about successful projects to which the member contributed
  • Letter of endorsement from club president
  • Letter of endorsement from at least one representative of another organization

Nomination forms and supporting materials, including photographs will not be returned.

Judges will score a nominee’s service in each of the three areas:  GFWC, community, and family.

Please honor that great lady in your club who has given a lifetime of service to the betterment of her club, her community and her family with a Jennie nomination.  All nominations should be sent to the above address and not the state president.

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