Hurricane Michael 2018

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Hard to believe it has been 3 weeks since the 155 mph hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle.
It did not dissipate until October 16. The storm caused at least $11.28 billion in damages including $100 million in economic loses. It destroyed U.S. Fighter Jets at Tyndall Air Force Base at a loss of $6 billion. Agriculture, timber and livestock has been extensively destroyed, causing losses to the consumer as well as the farmer.

In looking back, material things are gone, families have memories of horrible loss, but we as GFWC Florida Federation did not have any loss of life of our members or family members.

Together we need to be strong for these members that have needs. They might not all be financial. Maybe a phone call, a text or a card to say that we are here for you. I was talking to a friend tonight, that said we just need to get together and just laugh and tell stories. Our GFWC Florida sisters need to hear a friendly voice, see a friendly face and just try to get their everyday lives back together. Many have been volunteering to help their communities, then when they get home, their is still so much to do. They have lost income because they own businesses that have had damage, no electricity, or employees evacuated. It will take a long time to recover to a so called “normal” day.

There are still limited supplies, long lines for gas, no street lights in some areas, trees are gone. So today, I ask that you reach out to another club woman and just check on her.

We need these clubs to meet, get together, laugh, share stories, hug, cry, and do the things that we as club women do, be there for each other. We still have 4 club houses with damage–they will be needing our help as we reach out to them in their time of need.

Sharon Oliphant
GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs



Dear Friends:
It is hard to believe that a week has passed since the horrible devastating Hurricane Michael came ashore. In the past week I have seen and heard many stories of sadness, destruction, and loss. Through it all our GFWC Florida Club Women have stepped up and are heading up recovery and rebuilding. Our GFWC Florida Emergency Fund has been set up to assist with needs. However, we know the needs are great and are needed quickly. Several of our GFWC Florida clubs are leading the call and are collecting items to take to the Bay and Gulf County area this weekend. Listed below are the items that are being requested. If you are able to take items to one of the two drop off areas (GFWC Tampa Woman’s Club, call 813-839-7457 between 9 am-2 pm) that would be greatly appreciated. If you are not able to take the items, Amazon, Wal-Mart etc. deliveries can be made to these two drop off areas as well. District 3 Director Candi Aubin located in Tallahassee is collecting and delivering items. Also, GFWC Tampa Woman’s Club is taking items until 2 pm Friday to be loaded and delivered to the panhandle as well. For District 3 Director Candi Aubin’s shipping address, please reach out to a member of the GFWC Florida Board of Directors. These members of the Board of Directors can provide you with a shipping address for these much needed items. Board members are any member of the Executive Committee, the Junior Executive Committee, Past Presidents, Past Junior Directors, Planning Committee members, Junior Planning Committee, District Directors, Junior District Directors and Club Presidents.

The list of items needed are:
Blue Tarps
Baby Diapers (not newborn)
Baby Food
Baby Wipes
Apple Sauce (toddler food)
Hand Sanitizer
Pet Food (bags or cans)
Flash lights

The news has shown that corporations and businesses are delivering food and water. Also, Tide is washing clothes and many government assistance programs have been available. We ask that you delivery only the requested items at this current time.

GFWC Florida is anxious to help, and I am sure when these caravans return we will hear more of individual needs and requests. We will continue to work closely with our club women and their families and make more trips to the panhandle as those needs are shared.

Thank you for your concern, commitment and contributions to help in a time of extreme need.

Sharon Oliphant
GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs



Dear Federation Friends:

Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael, many of our GFWC Florida members are faced with damage and loss. In the days, weeks and months to come many will be faced with repairs and replacement of their homes and club houses.

In calling on our panhandle members, those I have communicated with have stated their members are safe and accounted for. However, many of their communities will never be the same. Several  of the reports I received, it was stated “there is nothing left, a total loss.” As we hear more from our GFWC Florida members we are uncertain of the toll that this will take on them, their families and their neighborhoods.

Going forward, we are all aware of the costs that many will face and the time it will take for them to be able to start repairs. And some will have to find temporary housing.

I am overwhelmed with the outpouring of support and love for our GFWC Florida members. Without knowing specific needs, financial contributions are being set aside to assist those that will be needing help in so many areas. Our GFWC Florida Emergency Fund will be used to help with specific areas that we are informed of.

We have a “Donate Now” button (see below) on our website or donations can be sent to GFWC Florida 4444 Florida National Drive, Lakeland FL  33813 with notation to GFWC Florida Emergency Fund.

In the next few days I will continue to reach out to our members and communicate with you any specific needs that I am made aware of.

Thank you for your concern and commitment to GFWC Florida. I am grateful for our Federation Sisters that continue to “Live the Volunteer Spirit” and I ask that you continue to pray for our Panhandle Communities as they  recover after this devastating Hurricane.

In Federation Service,

Sharon Oliphant -President

GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs

To contribute to GFWC Florida’s Relief Fund please enter your contribution amount in the Paypal box below. At the Paypal checkout, please note “Disaster Relief” in the description box. Any amount is greatly appreciated.