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2019 Youth Leadership Award

2019 One Voice for Children Grant

2019 Mary Ann Taylor Child Advocacy Award

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2019 Judy Lutz Junior and Woman’s Club Interaction Award

2019 Joyce Johnston Junior to Juniorette Interaction Award

2019 Teddy Hulse Junior to Junior Interaction Award

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2019 Charlotte Meeds Smith Volunteer of the Year Award

2019 Nancy Crawford Leadership Award

2019 Gail Hill Smith Marketing Award

2019 Jennie June Education Scholarship

GFWC Florida Women Returning to Work Scholarship:

2020 Women Returning to Work Scholarship Application

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GFWC Florida Federation of Women’s Clubs Scholarship Program for Women Returning to Work — Announcement of the Scholarship Winners – May 2019

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”   C.S. Lewis

GFWC Florida will award 2 (two) $3,000 scholarships to women returning to college who need financial assistance for education to achieve their goal of gaining employment and becoming self-sufficient. This scholarship was established in 2012-14 by Pat Zazzarino.  It was her Presidents project. This year, there were many applications, and it was a very difficult decision. Thanks to all of you who applied and to the selection committee.

Our first recipient is Jordon Burk.  Jordon is from Plant City and attends Hillsborough Community CollegeJordon is a stay-at- home mother caring for two children, while managing school, volunteer work, church activities and the normal challenges of daily life. She has always been passionate about becoming an educator.  Toward the middle of last year, Jordan was battling anxiety and depression and was becoming increasingly isolated in her own home.   She felt as if her daily life was mundane with no clear goals in sight.   This led her to join a local GFWC Junior Women’s Club and ultimately set the goal of returning to school and finishing her bachelor’s degree in education. Jordon’s plan is to earn that degree and become employed by the Hillsborough County School Board before her oldest daughter, who is only 2, starts her first year of school.  Being a teacher will allow Jordan to have a career she will love and a schedule that is tailored to her families’ needs.  Jordon writes: “I’ve never had the type personality to be someone that asks for help. I’ve gone through life striving for independence and success while achieving it on my own. After becoming a mother, I realized I would need to learn how to ask for help and quick. This experience has changed me and taught me so much about who I am and what’s important to me and who I want to be. I know that being a mother is by far the hardest, most challenging, and yet most rewarding, title I will ever hold. I was genuinely scared to return to school this semester. Now that I am in the middle of assignments, modules, quizzes and discussion posts, I am so excited to be on this journey and know    I made the right decision.”

Our next recipient is Sherie Evans from St. Petersburg who attends St Petersburg College.   She already has an Associate Degree in Cosmetology/ Barbering, and she thought she was done with her education, but in 2015, Sherie’s Grandma became very ill and had to be hospitalized.  During that time, her Grandma needed a respiratory therapist, so Sherie became acquainted with that profession and got to know some of the therapists, she became intrigued by what the therapists do and how much they help the patients. Being an asthmatic herself increased Sherie’s fascination with this field, and she soon realized it would make a lot of sense to pursue further education and set her sights on another dream: becoming a Registered Respiratory Therapist.  Sherie has always been a caregiver in some form, and helping people is her gift.  Although Sherie is still working in the Cosmetology/Barbering field while continuing her education, her course is set.  Long range plan is a Master’s degree after she attains the B.S. in respiratory therapy.  This scholarship will mean a lot to Sherie and will be a blessing in easing the financial burden.  It will allow her to work shorter hours and focus more on her studies.

Both recipients are very deserving. Thank you to GFWC Florida for making their dreams come true! The 2020 Deadline will be March 1,2020. It is never too early to help spread the word about this opportunity.

If you have any questions, or would like additional information about the scholarship program, please do not hesitate to contact: Candi Aubin, GFWC Florida Scholarship Chairman,

Women Returning to Work Scholarship 2019 winners (download article)