ESO Bulletin

ESO Bulletin #2


ESO (Epsilon Sigma Omicron) is an honorary educational sorority open to all per-capita paying GFWC Federated club members.  It was started by the Indiana Federation of Clubs in 1928, followed by Washington State in 1930.  There are now 35 states with chapters.

The Florida chapter of ESO is the “Sigma” Chapter and was started in 1953 under the Administrative Agency of the Extension Division, Florida State University, Florida State Library. The purpose of ESO is to provide clubwomen with a structured reading program to promote individual educational pursuits and stimulate a desire for self-improvement.

ESO can take the form of a reading group or through an individual’s personal reading activities.  The goals of ESO, which is developed primarily for the personal benefit of clubwomen are as follows:

  •             To encourage clubwomen’s continuing pursuit of self-education.
  •             To create an additional means to unite women in volunteerism.
  •             To stimulate systematic home reading and study with minimum supervision.
  •             To encourage the establishment of home libraries and greater use of public libraries.
  •             To encourage the formation of reading/study/discussion groups.

How to Become an ESO Member

ESO Pledge Application

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GFWC Florida ESO Facebook group

The GFWC Florida ESO Chairman is Stephanie Cantrell, 850-784-9531

The Juniors ESO Coordinator is Betty Medina, GFWC Florida Junior Education Chairman.