Convention Monday Message



It so surreal to know that you have chosen me to represent GFWC Florida as your President

Many exciting things to come as we venture out in to our communities and clubs to work together as Volunteers—we’ve got this! As a 30 year member, never did I think years ago I had this in me. But with the support of each member, I know you will help me be successful and for that I am grateful.

I hope that you know I am here for you, as is Shannon. We hope to make sure that you, the members, are filled with excitement, knowledge and desire. It is our goal to reach out to each club during the next two years. We are a great team and will work great together. I am so excited to have someone like Shannon as GFWC Florida Director of Junior Clubs.

Your District Directors, your District President Project Chairmen, your entire Board wants your club to be successful and vibrant. We all have so much to give to others! Each of us has a different leadership and membership role to share. That is why you belong to this organization. We are here for you.

My President Project “Smiles Across the Miles” is featuring Operation Smile. An organization giving free surgeries for 35 years. Cleft palate and cleft lip surgery in 45 minutes at a cost of $240, but zero to the small patient and family that is so desperate to find hope. Just think, around the world your support can help a SMILE happen. We will work locally with Florida Surgeons that have been trained by Operation Smile and get the information so you can be the voice for any child, near or far that needs this life changing surgery. I have heard there are a few in the Miami area. How cool to have one of them share their story of their training, teaching and giving back because of the Operation Smile Organization.

Keep Smiling …and the word for the week is “GRATEFUL” because of YOU!


What a fantastic convention we had! GFWC Florida Juniors had a great time celebrating the success of Guardian Angels for Children and the huge impact GFWC Florida made for Guardian ad Litem throughout Florida in the last two years. Thank you, Kelly Holmes, for being such a wonderful Director of Junior Clubs!

Sharon and I are so excited for the next two years together working as good friends and fellow volunteers. We have assembled a fantastic Board of Directors and I am particularly thankful for all of you who are serving on the Junior Planning Committee. We are blessed here in Florida that our state Federation values ALL of our levels of membership: Women’s Clubs, Juniors and Juniorettes, and we find strength in our common goals and club work.

My Book Heroes project is kicking off with the goal of donating 10,000 books to  children in low income households in the next year. Project suggestions and a ton of info on ways that clubs can access free or low cost books can be found here.

Looking forward to a great time together!! — Shannon





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