2020 Annual Convention   2019 Volunteer of the Year


There have been several clubs asking about elections, bylaws and procedures. I have reached out to GFWC Parliamentarian Deen Meloro and she is available to answer club questions, as she is working with the State Presidents as we go forward. Her email is djm808@mac.com.  Also, there is information on the GFWC Florida Facebook group. If you still have questions, let me know and I will get someone to assist you. I have faith in the integrity of you and your Executive Committees that deem fair to all.

GFWC Florida is still hoping for our Annual Convention, and we do not want to cancel our contract. Contracts are signed two years ahead, and until the Government or the Rosen Hotel cancels, we will hold tight. If we cancel, we are obligated. Although our State Meetings Chairman Sheryl Molter and I are in constant contact with the Rosen, and they are willing to work with us, some things are out of their hands.

I ask that you all take heed of recommendations that are being presented to us daily. The safety and health of our members rank higher than any elections, installations, or meetings. The precautions are to slow the progress and flatten the curve.

As your GFWC Florida President, I feel it is my duty and responsibility to make sure that ALL clubs come through this emergency as easily as possible and I will help, not hinder any process that is in front of each of you. To say that I am proud of the over 8,500 GFWC Florida Clubwomen is an understatement. I have never been more proud to serve and represent each of you. Know that my prayers and thoughts are with each of you, as I take time each day to meditate and hope for this serious life event to quickly be one of the past. I have cried a few tears, but that is my heart.  I have found that there are three types of tears: (the things you learn when you are stuck at home) (1) Extreme Tears: Happiness or Sadness or Emotional, (2) Basal Tears: Lubrication of the cornea and, (3) Reflex Tears: onions or burning.