We interrupt your post Convention recovery to ask for assistance from all GFWC Florida members. GFWC Florida needs your help in the form of letters in support of May Mann Jennings and our efforts to get her elected to the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame. Kelly Holmes and her committee members have worked tirelessly compiling the needed information but we need ALL GFWC Florida members to send letters to the Florida Commission on the Status of Women. It is important that the letters be personalized but contain the reasons we feel May Mann Jennings is a worthy recipient of this honor.  Below are links to sample letters and the topics that should be covered in your letter. Also listed are the committee members for your area. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to type or write your OWN UNIQUE LETTER to your area representative and sign it in RED ink. Scan and email your letter to Kelly Holmes (kellygholmes (at) so she can deliver these letters to the committee in Tallahassee. It will take every member of the Florida Federation to make an impact!  LETTERS ARE DUE TO KELLY BY THIS FRIDAY, APRIL 12th.

Florida Commission on the Status of Women Committee Members and Districts

Key Points for letters




And a good time was had by all….We’re working on publishing a list of all the winners but for now, we give you the winner of the Lois B. Perkins Outstanding Club of the Year, GFWC North Pinellas Woman’s Club and the Mary Clark Award for Outstanding Junior Club, GFWC Lake Placid Junior Woman’s Club.




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